Outsourcing and In-House SEO Provider- Which Is Better

Jul 13, 2016


Outsourcing and In-House SEO Provider- Which Is Better

When designing a marketing plan, businesses should decide whether they will handle their SEO campaign or outsource it. Contracting SEO agency has various benefits that cannot be experienced when using in-house staff.

Five reasons why you need to outsource SEO services:

Optimize your site

A qualified SEO campaign manager will make sure that the name of the website as well as the keywords that have been used concurrent with the present search engine processes. The methods that define whether main websites are shown by main search engines are dynamic. Quality SEO agencies have experts who ensure that the clients continue incorporating the most current techniques.

Inbound link promotion

Once a site is recognized as an expert in its niche, other blogs and sites create links in its content. SEO campaign agencies use this strategy since search engines utilize inbound links when placing sites on the result pages.

Consistent fresh content

Search engines tend to pick up sites that have new information. Professional SEO mangers offer fresh content to their clients thus keeping you on top of the game. The advantage of these experts is that their content is often short and precise to the point. With such high quality content, readers will keep coming back to your site since your posts are engaging and informational.

Become a well-known expert

Every website is a brand. By ensuring that your brand is well represented on the site, you will have increased traffic on the site. With high traffic, the business owner is regarded as an expert in that field.

Access to the most current SEO tools

Professional SEO service providers have the most sophisticated tools for evaluation and other SEO-related activities. As an individual, you may be unable to access such tools due to cost and lack of knowhow. Therefore, an expert will be better placed. 

Questions you should ask an SEO provider before selecting one

Can you name any references?

While it may seem straightforward, you could be surprised when a provider tells you that their client list is confidential. Even though some clients might want to remain anonymous, most will not find reason to keep it a secret. Most SEO providers will be proud of their achievements thus will be ready to give you the contacts. Once you have the contacts, ask them about their experience with the provider. This will give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

What guarantee can you give me?

Some providers will state that they do not offer any guarantees. The claim might be reasonable since guarantees are based on your search engine rankings which are difficult to confirm since rankings vary from one search engine to another. However, a good provider should give you at least an estimate of the kind of increase to expect.

Can you assure me that your strategies are good practices in the industry?

It would be comforting to know that the company you hire is using ethical methods. In case they use unethical strategies on your site, it could increase the chances of the site being banned by most search engines. Prohibition could cause your business to fall.

Outsourcing your SEO needs will give you more time to focus on the company’s main agenda. When choosing a good SEO provider, ensure that you are careful not to fall prey of under qualified crooks.