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MatchAgency Dating Solutions

Product Overview

Starting you own match making website may take years of time and thousands of dollars. We can help you fast. With our software packages you can create and run a complicated, functional online match making agency business very fast. Our software is customized for matchmaking, online agency sites so you don’t have to spend more for custom web development. We provide a powerful php solution with fast and secure mysql database. Our clients can easily implement their own layout because of the use of html based template files. Don’t be fooled by the meaningless bells and whistles you find in some other programs. Match Agency does everything they do and much, much more.

Key Features

Download and run on your server, under your domain. All data is kept on your server.
Members can manage multiple profiles from the same account (agency feature)
Couple linked profiles
Membership rights system, custom recurring membership upgrade packages
Multiple languages and translation support, Profiles can be stored in multiple languages
CamDate Audio/Video Chat plugin
Unlimited custom profile attributes organised in custom categories
Profile attributes and attribute categories editor for webmaster area
Unlimited level referral tracking
Internal messaging system with blind email notification
Picture upload (mysql storage for pictures), rating and comments, top
Media file uploads supported (MP3, WAV, AVI, MPEG)
Thumbnail generation (increase loading speed) with site name stamp
Simple web based chat area (flash) integrated with secret rooms
Advanced Java Chat (web based applet) with emoticons, private chat, webcam feeds support
Integrated popular message board
Tooltips and intuitive interface for users to learn fast the complex system features
Multimedia directory (galleries, pictures, stories, movies)

Marketing Features

Custom recurring membership upgrades (with webmaster package editor)
Advanced payment system (members fund their accounts using multiple custom payment gateways )
Mass email with auto insertion of member personal data (protect from spam filters)
Multimedia directory where members can sell multimedia content
Unlimited level referral tracking
Affiliate bonus, daily bonus for each posted profile

 Content Features

Unlimited custom attributes (multiple types), attribute categories
Couple links for profiles
Simple/advanced search (customizable search fields)
Zip mileage search (US database included)
Online search, picture profiles search
Filters (wanted profiles) for advanced matchmaking calculations
Picture uploading and comments/rating system, picture top
JPG custom quality thumbnails with site name stamp for uploaded images
Online webcam listing, use webcam snapshots as profile pictures
Anti picture theft system : thumbnails with site name are server for external requests
WYSIWYG editor for html content
Content Management System for dynamic sections like news
Automated translation of profile selectable fields in all languages (auto multilanguage support)
Custom profile data stored for each language (full multilanguage support)
Multimedia directory (advanced access rights, ratings, top) managing:

    • folders (galleries)
    • profiles
    • pictures
    • stories
    • video file/stream (external / upload)
    • audio file/stream (external / upload)
    • webcam images (external and internal webcam feeds)
    • websites (external links )

 Communication Features

Internal inbox private messaging with blind email notifications (option to notify for each profile)
Instant message notificaton if member is online (option to notify for each profile)
CamDate Audio/Video Chat plugin
Browse/search online profiles (option to hide online status for each profile)
Contacts agenda with favourite profiles
Flash chat area (multiple public channels, secret channels)
Public chat room editor
Popular forum integration